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Our Anniversary

Some people try to mimic their relationships off of fairy tales or social media, but ours?! This what we gat! This mimics two individual beings, who combined, working as one, is one hell of a dynamic force. You make me smile, infectiously. You kiss me, even when im mad with you. 

Your arms are my safe haven. Those spontaneous out burst of affection are my weakness. You are my kinda perfect.

A kiss when we greet, a kiss when we depart, a kiss even when we’re mad. I love you bad. I say it loosely, it flows so freely, ☺️this love I cant deny. 
We havent spoken in a week, so I had plenty time to think. Everytime I started to frown, thoughts came that turn them upside. 

So this is true, my love for you, on this day our anniversary

Happy anniversary my king! I love you forever and a day! 


Our Daughter

When I first heard of you I was in awe. Surprise would be an understatement. Then, finally I met you and my heart melted. This beautiful bundle of joy, so tiny, so fragile, so precious. I’ve held so many others but holding you was different. This unspoken bound we had from day one grew as you got older, as I watch you learn to walk, and now running. Learn to say words and now holding conversations. Potty training was the worst but we made it thru eventually. Holding you at night with burning fevers, scared out of my mind but putting on a brave face for you. I wouldnt trade this experience for the world. You changed me, and I thank God for allowing your Mother and Father to create you, our daughter. 

Your mother should know, that I respect her and love her all the same, because I love and cherish you, our daughter. She never has to worry or lose sleep while she is not near. Your father should know, I love him and our ‘no-holds-barred’ bond, and will always love you, our daughter. Your father once said, “Love only goes so far“, but I know true love/real love has no limits and there are no limits for you, our daughter. I love you to infinity, S.D.T. 

Ok Cupid, You Tagged Me!

Like, view! View, like, message!

Beauty played a role because we’re attracted to pictures,
Still images with all different mixtures.

Yet, you stood out and I couldnt resist it.
Sent a simple message hoping you were legit.

You responded so quickly, I was hesistant to see.
Pulled it together and took a peek.

Conversation flowed, now we’re talking about a meet.
Gat me thinking about saying bye bye cause I found the guy for me.


Blah, blah, blahhh…Im blushing.😋

Things happen when you least expect it. I mean, I would have never thought the day would come when my crush would be crushing on me.

Unexpectedly, it happened. Dont know how, but I do know when. I smiled, he smiled back. And before you knew it we were in that amazing position, whining, holding, blocking out our surroundings. And for those moments everything seemed right, no one else existed.

It felt like a dream…was it really, real?!

The waters pushed against our bodies, the music playing ever so loudly and suddenly it happened… a kiss!!! No, not a peck…A KISS! A wet-juicy kiss. Lips soft and sweet, tongues entwine saying everything-without saying anything. 

I knew it wasnt a dream when I woke up the next day seeing a message saying, ‘Hey beautiful.’ I sat there smiling for a minute or two before I responded. Just thinking, what a feeling this is, this is real. Seeing him later on that night sealed the deal. It wasn’t a dream!

Gaped in admiration as he sat looking in my eyes. I love this feeling. But this is all it will be; two crushes, crush’n. And that’s not a bad thing.

Mind Ride

I’m that crazy-goofy type of fun. I’ll pillow fight, play in the sand, shoot hoops, play video games, skip in the rain (you probably get it but 1 more) and even skydive. Having fun keeps you looking young and healthy. I know, I’ve been looking 24 for bout 4yrs now. 🙂

I love when people who I haven’t seen in a while say to me that I haven’t changed. I know that’s a weird thing to recognize but I do because it means I’m real. Real is real, that can’t change. If they’re saying it in a good way or bad way it doesn’t matter, the fact remains the same.

I love smiles, I love hugs, and making people laugh is something I’m known to do. I say what’s on my mind (but sometimes it’s not always a good thing to do). If I’m wrong, I apologize but if I’m right, I’m battling my point to the end. 

I love the idea of love. I understand there will be ups and downs. I don’t understand the betrayal, deceit and hurt that people allow to happen. I really think it happens because people refuse to be honest and show who they really are from the beginning. People now settle just to have that relationship title and if you’re setting, then you’re not truly happy.

Wow I just realized that this blog post is the first where you can see how mind just strays.  I started off on one thing and look where I’m at now. Yup, that’s how it is in there.

I love listening to old school R&B music. It’s 2014 and the music now sucks.  OK,  well not all but the majority.  I listen to artist like All 4 One, Aaliyah, Boyz II Men, Gladys Knight, Etta James, Otis Redding etc. The classics! My friends always ask where do I find these songs when they’re driving with me. So I tried to accommodate them and created a play list with the new suckie music.

Yeah, gat me wanting to enjoy my music right now.

Sounds like a plan!!!

Xoxo xoxo


Thanksgiving Time!!!

This is usually the time of year that starts the Christmas season off. Time to break out the turkey, ham, peas ‘n rice, coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni, candied yams, sweet potato, stuffing etc. Well that’s what’s normally on my family dinner plates. Just thinking about it makes you hungry, and to think that’s not even dessert as yet. But do we ever really sit and think of: 1. What all we are thankful for? 2. What all we SHOULD be thankful for? 3. Do we even consider those around us who might not have anything to eat on this day or any other day? Hmmm. I love this time of year, so I give thanks for everything…I am very grateful for all

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