You will always be overlooked if you waiting for the wrong person to notice you. Sure they look at you, they see you, spend time with you but they will never love you how you want them too. 

All the time you invest in loving them, catering to them because you love them, being there for them is all good for them but bad for you. You desire more, you deserve more, you will not get that from someone who is overlooking you. 

Your heart is pure and all that you do comes from pureness. It comes natural to do the things you do. You’re not looking to be praise, just to be loved. But you wont get that from loving someone who has overlooked you.

You criticize who they date because in role play;  who they date is them, and they are you. They’re watering a dead plant that is killing them and pulling you. Let go of someone who is overlooking you and you may find the one who you, yourself have overlooked