Some people try to mimic their relationships off of fairy tales or social media, but ours?! This what we gat! This mimics two individual beings, who combined, working as one, is one hell of a dynamic force. You make me smile, infectiously. You kiss me, even when im mad with you. 

Your arms are my safe haven. Those spontaneous out burst of affection are my weakness. You are my kinda perfect.

A kiss when we greet, a kiss when we depart, a kiss even when we’re mad. I love you bad. I say it loosely, it flows so freely, ☺️this love I cant deny. 
We havent spoken in a week, so I had plenty time to think. Everytime I started to frown, thoughts came that turn them upside. 

So this is true, my love for you, on this day our anniversary

Happy anniversary my king! I love you forever and a day!