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November 2016

Our Anniversary

Some people try to mimic their relationships off of fairy tales or social media, but ours?! This what we gat! This mimics two individual beings, who combined, working as one, is one hell of a dynamic force. You make me smile, infectiously. You kiss me, even when im mad with you. 

Your arms are my safe haven. Those spontaneous out burst of affection are my weakness. You are my kinda perfect.

A kiss when we greet, a kiss when we depart, a kiss even when we’re mad. I love you bad. I say it loosely, it flows so freely, ☺️this love I cant deny. 
We havent spoken in a week, so I had plenty time to think. Everytime I started to frown, thoughts came that turn them upside. 

So this is true, my love for you, on this day our anniversary

Happy anniversary my king! I love you forever and a day! 


Was It Worth It?!

Secretly planning for weeks to surprise my king. Finding out his every move each day as ‘the’ day approaches. Finally its here and im nervous, butterflies, at work but my mind else where. On my lunch break, I rode with coworkers to purchase my ticket and to get the finishing touches on his gift completed. The rain came down heavy for about 30 minutes, and my nerves returned. Back at work im all at the edge of my seat, watching the time. Time crawls on by, feeling like forever. The last minute taking the longest to reach. Freedom has arrived. Clocked out, and we shoot out on the bumpy road to take me for my travelling bag. Excited and nervous I double checked my bag, then headed up to my friend. Once there I changed and prepared for my flight.

At the airport, I checked in and head to the back, pass security. Sitting anxiously texting my friend who is picking me up from the airport and still keeping tabs on my king. I look out the glass door and the plane is there refueling. My belly ties in a knot, I’m really nervous now. Our flight is called, this is it! We board and soon we’re in the air. No turning back. 
As I begin to see the city lights my nerves return. ‘Will he be excited?’ ‘Will he like his gift?’ ‘Will he show me off? Take me out?’ ‘Will this be worth the trip, the money I’m about to lose?’ Only time will tell, I think as we land. I texted my friend to let him know we just landed and I will be out shortly. I grabbed my bag and spotted my friend almost immediately. I hugged him and thanked him so much for helping in my spontaneous surprise. 

We head towards the hotel but stop along the way for some Wendy’s. The food was good, the ice tea was horrible. Once at the hotel, I checked in and we headed to the room. My friend is lifting my bag which is a bit heavy to m now ’cause of my work boots and clothing. We get to the room and my nerves are there. I told my friend and he is just the sweetest, reassuring me that my king will be very happy to see me. We talked for a bit more and then we hugged and he left. 

I took a shower and crawled into bed sending my king a text. We text back and forth a bit, I tell him I’m here and I could hear the disbelief through his message. He calls shortly after as he is headed to the hotel. We stay on the phone for a bit. We hang up and he calls back after he arrives. We’re on the phone as I watch his shadow approaching the door. I feel like I’m about to burst, my smiles is from ear to ear. Down below is tinkling, I could feel it getting wet. He approaches the door and I just want to leap on him, have him there. But I restrain, waiting for him to make his move. He takes me and hugs me, we start kissing. My teddy bear, my king!!! He’s here, I’m here, we’re here together!!!! I love this man. I know this! I’m scared of my love for him but at this moment none of that matters, all the nervousness and butterflies has left. It’s just him and I, hand in, hand.  

Before it goes any further I sit on the bed and pull out his gift. The glow in his eyes as he opens it send my blood rushing, ‘he’s excited!’ He takes a closer look and notices his initials engraved. My king, appreciative, happy?! Wow I’m thrilled. He looks up at me and at that moment I knew it was on I could feel it. 

But what I felt was no where near in comparison to what I recieved. This man, this amazing man, his intimacy, his beauty, charm, wit, and he’s MINES and I’m HIS! This trip, at this very moment was worth it. Just to be here with him at this very moment! My king!

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