When I first heard of you I was in awe. Surprise would be an understatement. Then, finally I met you and my heart melted. This beautiful bundle of joy, so tiny, so fragile, so precious. I’ve held so many others but holding you was different. This unspoken bound we had from day one grew as you got older, as I watch you learn to walk, and now running. Learn to say words and now holding conversations. Potty training was the worst but we made it thru eventually. Holding you at night with burning fevers, scared out of my mind but putting on a brave face for you. I wouldnt trade this experience for the world. You changed me, and I thank God for allowing your Mother and Father to create you, our daughter. 

Your mother should know, that I respect her and love her all the same, because I love and cherish you, our daughter. She never has to worry or lose sleep while she is not near. Your father should know, I love him and our ‘no-holds-barred’ bond, and will always love you, our daughter. Your father once said, “Love only goes so far“, but I know true love/real love has no limits and there are no limits for you, our daughter. I love you to infinity, S.D.T.