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March 2016

I fell in love!

I fell deeply in love.

These past few years, I have been involved in a long-term mediocre relationship. I didnt think it was possible, almost 6 years later im wrapped in emotions, all bubbly inside. Who falls in love with crinkles, kinks, frizziness, nearly matted hair. I DID!!!  

Sure, it’s no easy ride and it takes commitment, but that’s how you know it’s true love. It has definitely never been a love-at-first-sight situation. Some days I liked it, I loathed it most days, but I have finally fallen in love with it.

My locs have taught me patience and shown me strength. Every few months I look into a mirror and I’m always amazed at the length I’ve achieved. It inspires me, to be better, eat better, live healthier. Who knew?!




My Theory

When my boyfriend tells me he’s sitting in the front room doing nothing, but still dont be messaging me… I automatically thought maybe he just doesnt wants to talk to me. And now I’m like… Maybe he’s there in a temporary trans, not aware that he’s not messaging me. Maybe aliens landed on his brain and is trying to convince him that he is having this romantic conversation about spending the rest of his life with me, meanwhile his super powerful kids are tying him to the chair with these amazing award winning scout rangers knots. Blind folding him, to fly around the house creating a horrific mess. And whenever he snaps out of this state of whatever he is trapped in that has me here with no him to talk too, he will then message and tell me he is cleaning…because my super powerful soon to be official step kids has completed their masterpiece. And now I have to wait even longer to converse with my king.

Birthday King

His birthday is approaching, and I know he is expecting a poem, a letter, something I made. But he’s still learning me so he forgets to expect the unexpected. This year its different, but he doesnt know it yet.

Love makes me do crazy things. Im a hopeless romantic. I go hard for my loves, I spend without thinking, I believe in doing things for others that I would like done to me. So I go all out.

Before I met my king I made a promise that my next relationship would be different, I would do things differently. So instead of spending and going all out, I wrote him letters, poems, made him pic collages…things that others wouldnt appreciate. Surprisingly, he appreciated every single thing I did for him. I felt his smile in my heart.

For his birthday this year, I decided to take it a bit higher, not to my extreme self as yet though. I believe if you want to be treated as a queen, you must be willing to treat him as a king. Guys love being spoiled as well. So im spending on him, well I have already spent. I’ve had his gift for a month now, anxious to give it to him. Maybe its the reaction im anxious to see. Either way, the time is almost near.

I love you my king.
Forever and a day😘😍


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