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October 2015

Faith, Prayer, Bite Your Tongue!

Some days you just wish you could crawl up under a rock, no not the typical ‘and die’, but just crawl and hide. Get away from everything and everyone. Three days under that rock and come out refresh, ready to take on more of the worlds ridiculousness. Unfortunately, you haven’t found a rock big enough to go under as yet. But you’re optimistic!

The frustration of living with people when you have been accustomed to living alone can be too much to handle some times. You bite your tongue so many times to prevent saying things that may come out entirely wrong because of the circumstances in which they are being revealed. Cleaning up is tiresome, and when you are constantly cleaning after others (mainly adults and its not a job) is painful. How can you complain, make any type of noise without sounding ungrateful, unappreciative or just thankless. So you bite your tongue.

Some days are filled with laughter and fun, then other days depressing and shut off.  Either days, you’re still thinking/searching about that rock.  Attitudes, jeers, snickering all thrown your way ‘on the low’, and yet all you can do for the time being is bite your tongue.

Every night, every morning, throughout the day you pray for something better, a better situation, a rock, that rock, your rock, to come your way. Some days you feel as though its getting better, you blink and it seems you fallen 20 steps back. You start thinking and wondering if you regret the decisions made to get you at this point. Faith, the size of a mustard seed is all you have, all you cling on to, that one day your breakthrough will come.

Until that day, hold on to your faith, keep praying and bite your tongue! Your rock is coming!!!




Simple, educated and classy is what I’d like to be known as, but physical appearance can make that seem impossible at first.

I love piercings. Tattoos are great, they show great artistry and on the right person they would make you wanna get one, but piercings for me is sexy. Yes, too much of anything is never good. To me, people with tattoos all over their face look like masks and one’s with piercings look like pin cushions. I don’t get why anyone would wanna look like either but hey, to each its own!

As for me, I currently have nine (currently because I still want 2 more) and sometimes I think thats too much, while others say, “Thats it?!”. Yep. My eyebrow, lip, right and left ear lobe, right and left ear hump, navel, tongue and just recently my nose…….(Which is taking forever to heal, its been almost 2 weeks now, im known to heal faster). I wanna get my right and left industrial done and I’d be content. Besides, im thinking of letting my navel close and my lip.   

In the Bahamas however, when in search of a job, anything besides ear piercings can negatively influence your chances. Atleast for a decent job. After you’ve been with a company for so long, you might then start to creep that side of you out. Imagine having to take all those piercings out, or using all that make up to cover up tats. Saddly, it happens.       

I just pictured myself 85 with lip, tongue and navel ring, whoa,      creepy…then I pictured my ears and eyebrow, not so bad…then my nose, hmph amazingly still sexy. The one I thought would never look good on me. Eighty-five I’m ready for you.


No More

On this day, I declare NO MORE.

No more will self pity be used as an excuse for sex,   

No more will mental abuse or insecurities control me,

No more pretending that its all together when its not,

No more making others happy at my discomfort,

No more trying to fit in when I was born to stand out,     

No more loving others but not loving myself,         

No more settling when there are so many options out there,    

No more, it starts here. 


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