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February 2015


Back when I was younger, my friends and I would go over to each others homes and hangout for hours until sunset. Saturdays would be outdoors day – meaning we’d play ring play, hopskotch, jax & ball, bat & ball, hide & seek, tag, pokey etc.

Early mid teens, we would still chill out by each other. Now we would be indoors discussing our new crush and playing crush name games like: M.A.S.H, TRUE LOVE, FLAMES.

Mid teens, technology entered our lives with beepers. We’d send messages in number codes; 26632963 across your beeper screen deciphered as ‘come by me’. Alongside technology were boyfriends. Our hearts melted when ‘45683968 – I love you’ came through. I guess that was the early stage of text messaging.

Late teens/Early 20’s some friends from younger didnt make this chapter and some new ones was introduced. Our new ‘tech toy’ was cellular phones. Breaking the hanging together error, now we called, and talked for hours. Then shortly after, texting became the new biggest thing. Hours, and hours of texting. Oh, how I miss those Nokia battery.

Mid 20’s cellular/cellphones transitioned into smart phones, boosting texting with whatsapp and bbm. Hanging with friends became an occasional thing. Talking on the phone was even fading away.

Late 20’s to now, smart phones advanced with touchscreen and apps like: Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Whatsapp etc., became easier accessible. So now everything became about popularity. How many likes can I get for this status pertaining to my bestfriend turned enemy, this video exposing my ex sexually, these pictures of my friends and I out.  Everything done instantly.

Im only scratching the surface with the internet & phones; things that were invented for good, now being used by evil minds for all the bad that could possibly happen. 


Ok Cupid, You Tagged Me!

Like, view! View, like, message!

Beauty played a role because we’re attracted to pictures,
Still images with all different mixtures.

Yet, you stood out and I couldnt resist it.
Sent a simple message hoping you were legit.

You responded so quickly, I was hesistant to see.
Pulled it together and took a peek.

Conversation flowed, now we’re talking about a meet.
Gat me thinking about saying bye bye cause I found the guy for me.

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