Blah, blah, blahhh…Im blushing.😋

Things happen when you least expect it. I mean, I would have never thought the day would come when my crush would be crushing on me.

Unexpectedly, it happened. Dont know how, but I do know when. I smiled, he smiled back. And before you knew it we were in that amazing position, whining, holding, blocking out our surroundings. And for those moments everything seemed right, no one else existed.

It felt like a dream…was it really, real?!

The waters pushed against our bodies, the music playing ever so loudly and suddenly it happened… a kiss!!! No, not a peck…A KISS! A wet-juicy kiss. Lips soft and sweet, tongues entwine saying everything-without saying anything. 

I knew it wasnt a dream when I woke up the next day seeing a message saying, ‘Hey beautiful.’ I sat there smiling for a minute or two before I responded. Just thinking, what a feeling this is, this is real. Seeing him later on that night sealed the deal. It wasn’t a dream!

Gaped in admiration as he sat looking in my eyes. I love this feeling. But this is all it will be; two crushes, crush’n. And that’s not a bad thing.