Being a woman has a lot of perks, but oh that visitor that comes once a month gets on every woman’s nerve. But when she doesn’t come, or comes late, everything starts racing, things you never knew could race. If only we could just get a note in the mail that says “You’re not pregnant this month” or “You’ve been caught” it would be so much better. Like, God is a just God so what do men go through once a month? I never really believed it was Eve fault what happened in the garden, but now as I’m older, I’m more convinced she set us up. We have all these changes to go through: breast tenderness, stomach cramps, mood swings, bloating, fatigue, child bearing…and what does a man get? Blue balls, voice changes smt ugh!!! Lucky suckers…I just want guys to experience something like we do, if only for a year. I’d be satisfied with that.

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