Hey guys, I know I’m a lil bit late but HAPPY 2013!!!! Oh yeah. Happy to have made it into this year. I’m weird, I say happy new year when its your birthday because to me that’s your new year, you become a year older. Its like saying ‘God bless you’ when you sneeze, I say ‘Stay alive’, makes more sense to me…you know, with the whole heart stops beating when you sneeze thing… Idk, maybe its a myth. So yeah it 2013, and again I have no new year resolution. I decide that why kid myself, if I’m going to do something, just do it. No need to write a list of things that sounds good, only cause they sound good, when I’m not going to commit to it. But that doesn’t means I don’t have things that I wanna accomplish before this year is over. I’m just not broadcasting it. Anyway, I hope you guys stick to some of the bogus stuff you wrote or said (I didn’t say all for a reason) lol. I will be back soon!!!

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