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October 2012

Coming Out The Closet!!!

YAY!!! I’m finally ready to admit it! It’s been a year now and I finally feel confident to let the world know! It was becoming very difficult to keep it covered up, people are beginning to wonder and pics are beginning to surface. Those who know couldn’t and still can’t believe this is real. There’s no turning back for me now. I’m loving this!!! I mean before I tried it, I knew I already liked it, but after a year of committing to it….I’m in love! YES, love!!! There are people who don’t agree with my decision, but I do what makes me happy, and dammit, I’m happy! I’m finally ready to reveal it to the wold.  Shouting it from the rooftop…… I LOC’D MY HAIR!!!!

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Circumstances Beyond Control

Sitting, talking, laughing, crying, hugging, kissing, holding, unlawful love making, separate ways for couple days, staying in touch with no more fuss. She went away and planned to stay.

But in a few days, not even a week, a little test gave her a special treat. She told him, he went insane. He couldn’t believe he will be causing more pain. They both have been denying their secret from the closet, but he’s engage, that’s the problem.

Was the love making that good or were they secretly in love too? People suspected, but they rejected. Expected?! Is it a dream come true in an disorderly manner? Could they both have wanted this without all the drama? Well, now they’re in circumstances beyond control!

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